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Restoring Stability – Save the Dream Ohio

The Save the Dream Ohio (formerly Restoring Stability) Program is administered by the State of Ohio and is designed to assist homeowners working to save their homes from foreclosure. The program particularly focuses on homeowners who have experienced unemployment or other involuntary decrease in their income. To learn more about eligibility requirements for Save the Dream Ohio, click here.

The FIRST STEP is to complete a short Prescreen Questionnaire to receive your pre-screen approval code. NEXT, register on-line here. No counseling agency can assist you further until you register at the state’s website. If you are having difficulties with the online registration process, contact the Save the Dream Welcoming Center at  1-888-404-4674. The Welcoming Center will assist you in completing the online registration process.

TIP: Print this screen to make preparing to register easier.
The registration process requires you to answer several questions about your loan. Working In Neighborhoods suggests that BEFORE YOU GO ONLINE, you assemble the following documents:
  • A statement of your monthly income (e.g. paycheck, benefits award letter, unemployment)
  • Your most recent mortgage statement
  • If your home loan has been modified in the last 6 months, provide your loan modification documents (the papers you signed to modify your loan)
  • Your current property tax assessed property value**
  • The purchase price of your home**
  • The purchase date of your home**
**TIP: You can look up these items by clicking on your County Auditor’s website:
Hamilton County

Butler County

Clermont County


Next Steps:

  • Once your application is complete and you have been assigned to Working In Neighborhoods, you receive a call or email within 3 business days to schedule an intake appointment with one of our counselors. You may also contact us to schedule the appointment at: (513) 541-4109 x.108
  • Gather and make copies of your supporting documents needed to complete your application before your scheduled intake. Click here for explanations of required supporting documents, as well as examples and tips for where to find them. If you need further clarification about these documents, please call (513) 541-4109 x.124

NOTE: Hamilton County homeowners may be able to obtain a copy of their Recorded Mortgage online by clicking here.

Once you have attended the intake meeting and submitted your complete application and all required supporting documents, your assigned counselor will make recommendations and submit your file to the Ohio Housing Finance Agency underwriters, who will make a final eligibility determination for you, which can take around 45 days.