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Gift Opportunities

 GOP - Infographic - 2016


On behalf of all of us at Working In Neighborhoods, we would like to extend a special THANK YOU for your gracious support in 2016. The support of our FRIENDS is what has allowed for us to move forward and onward for the last 39 years! In 2016, WIN was quite steadfast in making an impact with your investment – helping families build a financial foundation for homeownership improving their overall quality of life. Families are the core of our neighborhoods!

We wanted to tell you about our new initiatives to address inequities in the lives of our senior residents and neighboring communities. WIN is engaging residents and partners to address complex issues affecting quality of life. WIN’s Net-Zero Urban Village will serve low-income South Cumminsville residents who have traditionally been excluded from the energy efficiency market. More specifically, WIN is focusing on our seniors. Area seniors wish to age in place, but need healthier, safer, energy efficient homes that cut down energy costs by at least 50%. One of the ways to increase income is to reduce cost associated with utility bills. For example, meet Olla:

Olla, 82, a typical beneficiary, lives alone. She worked as a housekeeper until her 80th birthday. Olla is active in her church ever since she bought her home in South Cumminsville 40 years ago. Olla has been active in the community council beautification committee. Lately she has experienced health issues. Her deceased husband’s social security is limited. Olla now struggles to pay bills and medical costs. Olla’s two-story home needs new windows; her heating system is 30 years old. Many contractors have tried to scam her; she doesn’t respond to offers by mail or phone because she knows a neighbor lost a home through deceptive practices. She comes to WIN, a center in her neighborhood that she trusts, for help with her concerns.

This is the promise of WIN’s mission – Not only do we help individuals purchase their first home, but we help families stay in their homes as well.

 2017 Gift Opportunities Wish List

Please CLICK HERE to send a donation online, or contact Nancy Mayo for more information at 513-541-4109, ext. 128, or via email at

Thank you for your support!


Hall of Fame Honorees

Hall of Fame Honorees

For many years, Working In Neighborhoods has recognized individuals within the community who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to improving life for families
across the Greater Cincinnati area.


Rob Bilott of Taft, Stettinius & Hollister
Laura Brunner of Port Authority
Michael Cappel of CHCURC


Kathy Schwab of LISC

Carolyn Rolfes of Potterhill Homes

Ron Christian of Taft, Stettinius, & Hollister

Edward Wells, Retired (P&G)


Brewster Rhoads of Green Umbrella
Chip and Jan Malley, Formerly of Little Red School House
Steve Melink of Melink Corporation
Dr. Yousuf Ahmad of Mercy Health


35th Anniversary Celebration
Honoring 35 Years and 35 Partners


Dr. O’Dell Owens of Cincinnati State
Jeanne Gohiller of Cincinnati Development Fund
Bootsy Collins of the Bootsy Collins Foundation


Steve Smith of Model Properties
Judge Nathaniel R. Jones of the U.S. Sixth Circuit
Court of Appeals (Retired)


Mario San Marco of Eagle Realty Group
Jill Meyer of Frost Brown Todd
Robert A. Alexander Formerly of National City Bank


Edward D. Diller of Taft, Stettinius & Hollister
Willie F. Carden of Cincinnati Park Board


30th Anniversary Celebration
Peter S. Strange of Messer Construction (Retired)
Neil Bortz of Towne Properties


Jim Turner Formerly of Duke Energy
Dan Neyer of Neyer Properties
Sister Judith Martinez of the Sisters of Charity

Planned Giving


Leave a Legacy

You can be a part of securing the future and mission of Working In Neighborhoods well beyond your lifetime by naming us in your will. WIN’s mission extends over decades and you should know that we are delighted to receive long-term, planned gifts.

It is a perfect way to be remembered, or to remember a loved one, while making a significant contribution to the lives of future generations that will live in our community.

By including WIN in your Estate plans you will become a member of our Legacy Society. You can make a more significant gift to WIN than you ever thought possible, while maximizing the financial and tax benefits to you, your estate, and your family. A Planned Gift is one of the most effective ways to ensure that WIN can carry on our mission. Several opportunities exist that could help you give more than you thought possible, while still achieving your personal financial goals. Some options include:


A bequest is a gift that is included in your Will; it is a revocable arrangement that can be changed by you at any time. A bequest can be a specific monetary amount, a percentage of your estate, a specific piece of property, or a percentage of the “residue of your estate.” It is possible to add WIN to an existing Will through an amendment called a codicil. Doing so means your entire Will does not have to be redrafted.

Estate Notes

This differs from a Bequest in that it is given as an irrevocable promise to pay assets from the estate. It also does not require a change in the Will.

TOD (Transfer on Death)

TOD is a formal, but revocable, means of transferring assets so they are not included in an estate (not taxed). Typically, ongoing assets are owned by the donor but deposited in a financial institution, which provides the TOD form.

Tangible Personal Property

Gifts of tangible, personal property, such as jewelry, coins, works of art, antiques, automobiles, and other items may be donated to WIN. You are responsible for setting an appraised value on the gift; any gift over $5,000 must be independently appraised.

Retirement Assets

Tax-favored retirement plans, such as an IRA, have become increasingly popular. As an alternative to designating a relative for all or part of the residual, naming WIN as a beneficiary may save income taxes. Also, certain lifetime gifts from an IRA of up to $100,000 given to a qualified charity such as WIN may avoid income tax.

Life Insurance

A gift of Life Insurance that you currently own but no longer need is a great way to help WIN. Designating WIN as both owner and beneficiary will yield tax savings. Alternatively, WIN can be named only the beneficiary.

Appreciated Securities and Real Estate

Transferring highly appreciated property directly to WIN will save capital gains tax and also let the full value be credited to charitable giving deductions. WIN can receive electronic transfers of securities. For gifts other than cash and publicly-traded securities, certain substantiation requirements apply depending on the size of the gift, including a qualified appraisal for gifts over $5,000.

Secure your legacy while supporting our future.

For questions and more information about our Legacy Society, please contact S. Barbara Busch at (513) 541-4109 or email

Workplace Giving


Workplace giving  is a powerful tool that is available to support causes and organizations you care about. It is sometimes referred to as “employee matching gifts”, and each year, billions of dollars are donated to charities such as WIN through workplace giving programs.

It is an easy and efficient way to make a tax-deductible donation through automatic payroll deductions, and since many employers often match the employee contributions, workplace giving gives you the opportunity to directly influence your company’s philanthropic endeavors, and double your donation!

This is truly a wonderful way to increase your giving, so please check with your employer and ask about workplace giving and employee matching gifts.  It’s that easy.  Here are just a few examples of corporations that participate in these programs:

  • Macy’s
  • JC Penny
  • GE
  • UBS Financial
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • CarMax
  • The Gap Corporation
  • Microsoft
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Verizon
  • Dell
  • AllState

Check online with your company’s website, or contact your Human Resources Department for information on how you may participate in this wonderful opportunity.


Hall of Fame 2014

A BIG Thank You to All of Who Attended
Our 2014 Hall of Fame event!

On November 11th, 2014, Working In Neighborhoods celebrated our 9th Annual “Hall of Fame” event at Paul Brown Stadium. This year’s theme was the “Walk of Fame”, where guests were cheered on by the Junior Ben-Gals as they walked the red carpet, and WIN inducted five individuals into our Hall of Fame.

2014 Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Yousuf Ahamd, President & CEO of Mercy Health, for Leadership in Implementing Diversity in Healthcare Access
  • Brewster Rhodes, Executive Director for Green Umbrella, for Leadership in Growing a Green Future Together
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chip & Jan Malley, Humanitarian League & Founders of the Little Red School House for Leadership in Inspiring and Motivating Children Through Education
  • Steve Melink, Founder and President, Melink Corporation for Corporate Leadership in Innovative Green Technology

We would also like to recognize and thank our
2014 Hall of Fame Event Sponsors:

Super Bowl Title Sponsors
SC Ministry Foundation
Sisters of Charity

Division Champion Sponsors
Norton Outdoor Advertising
Ocwen Group

Touchdown Sponsors
Fifth Third Bank
PNC Bank

Two Point Conversion Sponsors
Integra Group
Huntington Bank
Mercy Health
The Frankenberg Group
Neyer Properties
Cheviot Savings Bank
First Financial Bank
Third Federal Savings & Loan
Messer Construction

First Down Sponsors
Cincinnati Bengals
Taft, Stettinius & Hollister
Locey, Cecil & Associates
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Airport FastPark
Cincinnati State Technical
& Community College
Flagel, Huber, Flagel
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
Model Group

South Cumminsville Action Team: Community WIN’s

IMG_0067The South Cumminsville Action Team is a group of concerned residents and their partners working together to make South Cumminsville stronger, safer, healthier, and more economically and environmentally sustainable.Community leaders and partners are developing solutions and taking action. Two early priorities of the team’s work include:

  • Ensure safety of children walking and biking to/from Wayne Playfield by slowing down traffic on Beekman between Elmore and Dreman.
  • Provide safe crossings for children, seniors and people with disabilities to cross at main intersections and destinations.

In support of these goals, the Action Team has accomplished a lot in the last year:

  • Tree removed and sidewalk replaced on Beekman Street at Garfield Apartments. This sidewalk is now wheelchair accessible.
  • Sidewalk between Mr. Gene’s and Fey’s Market – tall weeds have been cut and trees trimmed back. (Includes city-owned and private property.)
  • Llewellyn Avenue Street sign has been replaced at Dreman Ave.
  • Pedestrian signal at the corner of Dreman Ave and Beekman St. was updated to increase the amount of time to cross and includes a count-down signal.
  • ODOT has agreed to keep Prang Street open.  The traffic will be restricted to right hand turns from Prang to Elmore and right hand turns from Elmore to Prang.
  • Signage on Llewellyn at corner of Elmore – “No trucks over 4 wheels”.
  • Permanent lane striping with two lanes each direction on Beekman was completed.
  • South Cumminsville was awarded funding from the Cincinnati Recreation Commission that will pay for improvements facilities Wayne Playfield, construction on restroom begins this fall.
  • South Cumminsville was selected from several communities for the Cincinnati Reds Community Makeover. More than 400 volunteers from P&G, the Cincinnati Zoo, and the Reds will participate in a day-long blitz on major upgrades at Millvale Recreation Center and Wayne Field on August 6th.
  • Two local corner stores (Beekman Market and Fey’s) engaged to participate in Center for Closing the Health Gap’s Health Corner Store program
  • Pedestrian signal at Beekman and Dreman upgraded
  • New playground signage at Wayne Playfield completed

The South Cumminsville Action Team meets every fourth Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm. Meetings are held in WIN’s Community Room at 1814 Dreman Avenue in South Cumminsville. For more information or to learn how you can get involved, contact Rigel Behrens at or call (513)541-4109 x.102