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April is a promise that May is Bound to Keep!

The time of year has come when we celebrate new beginnings, look forward to warmer days, and recognize a new season of giving. At Working In Neighborhoods, this marks the start of a new season of growing opportunities for families who wish to build a financial foundation for homeownership or perhaps attain financial stability in the face of an ever-changing economy.  Below is one of WIN’s most recent success stories:

WIN received a call from a neighbor, 65, who lives in Spring Grove Village that lost her husband in May 2015. Due to the loss and the dramatic decrease in income, she faced losing her home of 23 years. WIN immediately went to work contacting our partner in the banking community and reached out to local organizations throughout the city. In pooling together our resources, our neighbor’s mortgage was brought current and in June, she will receive an increase in her social security benefits that will secure her financial stability – allowing her to stay in the place she has called home for many years.

This is the promise of WIN’s mission – Not only do we help individuals purchase their first home, but we help families stay in their homes as well. Families are the core of our neighborhoods!

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