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On behalf of all of us at Working In Neighborhoods, we would like to extend a special THANK YOU for your gracious support in 2016. The support of our FRIENDS is what has allowed for us to move forward and onward for the last 39 years! In 2016, WIN was quite steadfast in making an impact with your investment – helping families build a financial foundation for homeownership improving their overall quality of life. Families are the core of our neighborhoods!

We wanted to tell you about our new initiatives to address inequities in the lives of our senior residents and neighboring communities. WIN is engaging residents and partners to address complex issues affecting quality of life. WIN’s Net-Zero Urban Village will serve low-income South Cumminsville residents who have traditionally been excluded from the energy efficiency market. More specifically, WIN is focusing on our seniors. Area seniors wish to age in place, but need healthier, safer, energy efficient homes that cut down energy costs by at least 50%. One of the ways to increase income is to reduce cost associated with utility bills. For example, meet Olla:

Olla, 82, a typical beneficiary, lives alone. She worked as a housekeeper until her 80th birthday. Olla is active in her church ever since she bought her home in South Cumminsville 40 years ago. Olla has been active in the community council beautification committee. Lately she has experienced health issues. Her deceased husband’s social security is limited. Olla now struggles to pay bills and medical costs. Olla’s two-story home needs new windows; her heating system is 30 years old. Many contractors have tried to scam her; she doesn’t respond to offers by mail or phone because she knows a neighbor lost a home through deceptive practices. She comes to WIN, a center in her neighborhood that she trusts, for help with her concerns.

This is the promise of WIN’s mission – Not only do we help individuals purchase their first home, but we help families stay in their homes as well.

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Thank you for your support!