Community Development

Beekman St. Corridor Revitalization Plan

CorridorPlanCoverThe recommendations presented in this plan address livability and smart growth strategies for improving quality of life and attracting new economic opportunities to the area.

By addressing transportation issues the location of South Cumminsville will become a significant asset for commercial corridor revitalization. The neighborhood-level initiative aims to address key challenges for achieving quality streets with vibrant public places.

Strategies resulting from this plan will help guide future development activities to improve quality-of-life and increase economic opportunity in South Cumminsville-Millvale and the surrounding areas.

Beekman Street: Transportation and Walkability (Poster)

Beekman Street: Community Placemaking (Poster)

Beekman Street: Key Economic Redevelopment Opportunities (Poster)

Built Environment: Opportunities for Change (WALC Institute)

WALC_ReportCoverThis report captures input and findings from the South Cumminsville Walkability Workshop in June of 2013, which received funding from the US EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities Project for Public Spaces and technical support from the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute (WALC).

It outlines strategies for the Beekman-Elmore corridor, addresses the need for complete streets to ensure the health and safety of residents, which spur and support economic development opportunities in the community. This report is intended help guide future conversations, partnerships and implementation strategies to build streets that accommodate all users equally in order to improve quality-of-life and increase economic opportunity for residents.

Access and Opportunity: South Cumminsville-Millvale Resident Survey

IResidentSurveyCovern 2013 Working In Neighborhoods (WIN) performed a survey of residents in South Cumminsville-Millvale. The survey focused on walkability conditions, fresh food retail needs, and community workforce characteristics. This report summarizes participant responses and analyzes survey results in community context. Recommendations include potential strategies to address community needs and create new economic development opportunities.

The survey results and recommendations in this report will help guide community planning for the Beekman St. Corridor Initiative to address the issues of Walkability, Fresh Food Access and Economic Opportunity.