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College Hill Project Provides Homes, Improves Neighborhood

Working In Neighborhood’s eight-year collaboration with the College Hill Housing Team continues to make remarkable progress! As part of WIN’s mission to empower people to improve their lives and their neighborhoods, the College Hill project has targeted the Cedar Avenue corridor for housing development that includes both new and rehabilitated construction.

1549 Ambrose Avenue
1549 Ambrose Avenue

Nine homes have been completed and sold to first-time homebuyers. The most recent Cedar Ave. rehab was just sold this October, and one on Ambrose Ave. is currently for sale. Both of these two-bedroom rehabbed homes feature original hardwood floors, energy-efficient systems and appliances and are available to buyers who meet certain income qualifications.

Several additional units are in the predevelopment process, including one new construction. Hope Wilson, Director of WIN’s Housing

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Quad Parishes Volunteers

Development, notes that this home in particular, will provide an alternative and complement with the 2014 Citirama project, also in College Hill.

Construction financing for these projects has come from PNC Bank, Cincinnati Development Fund, College Hill Presbyterian Endowment Fund and the Seton Enablement Fund. Grant funding has come from the City of Cincinnati. The CDC Association has provided some operating support. In addition, WIN has received generous support from private donors.

These homes can be offered below cost to buyers of modest incomes because of the many generous volunteers who have donated well over 1000 hours demolishing garages and porches, doing yard work, repairing fences and retaining walls, painting and many other jobs. These volunteers have come from groups such as the LaSalle High School Foorball Team, Xavier University students, the Quad Parish Group in Wisconsin, the Catholic Heart Work Camp, and Crossroads Community Church as well as from the Fifth/Third Bank, Proctor and Gamble and General Electric.

Among the recent buyers of WIN homes in College Hill are a married couple with three young children, a single mother with school-age twins, a couple from the neighborhood who needed to bring their mother to live with them, and a family with a teenage son who have already made more improvements to their new home.

Watch the Transformation: 1301 Cedar Ave

We’re documenting our housing development work by featuring this rehab of 1301 Cedar Avenue. We started work in the summer of 2013. This home is part of a broader community development project in College Hill to stabilize Cedar Avenue, upgrade housing and provide opportunities to new, first-time home-buyers. We’re pretty excited with how everything is coming together. Check out other WIN homes here.

An Update on WIN’s Impact

CircleWNI wanted to take this opportunity to share some exciting news with you, and to let you know just how impactful your support has been. We’ve just turned another corner and a new year is upon us, and we are pleased to tell you we have completed all home sales in South Cumminsville! Our houses on Cedar, Fergus, and Ambrose Street’s, are moving along very nicely and we will work hard to have them available by spring and summer of this year! Pam, who spear heads ourSave the Dreamforeclosure prevention work, recently announced that the staff at WIN helped 340 families keep their homes in 2013 through this program.

Recently, a wonderful story was shared with us by a couple receiving our help through our Financial Literacy program. With great pride, they told us they were able to save $800 for the very first time. They continue to work hard paying down their debt, but what is most delightful about their success is they are building an emergency fund, and will now be able to participate in their employer’s 401K building on their retirement. We hear from many grateful families who tell us, I can now teach my kids about credit and how to budget”. This program is powerful, foundational, and generational!

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the work we do each day, and your gifts are what make this possible, and all of our accomplishments are because of your generosity. Our wishes fulfilled are the dreams that come true for those we continue to serve.