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College Hill Project Provides Homes, Improves Neighborhood

Working In Neighborhood’s eight-year collaboration with the College Hill Housing Team continues to make remarkable progress! As part of WIN’s mission to empower people to improve their lives and their neighborhoods, the College Hill project has targeted the Cedar Avenue corridor for housing development that includes both new and rehabilitated construction.

1549 Ambrose Avenue
1549 Ambrose Avenue

Nine homes have been completed and sold to first-time homebuyers. The most recent Cedar Ave. rehab was just sold this October, and one on Ambrose Ave. is currently for sale. Both of these two-bedroom rehabbed homes feature original hardwood floors, energy-efficient systems and appliances and are available to buyers who meet certain income qualifications.

Several additional units are in the predevelopment process, including one new construction. Hope Wilson, Director of WIN’s Housing

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Quad Parishes Volunteers

Development, notes that this home in particular, will provide an alternative and complement with the 2014 Citirama project, also in College Hill.

Construction financing for these projects has come from PNC Bank, Cincinnati Development Fund, College Hill Presbyterian Endowment Fund and the Seton Enablement Fund. Grant funding has come from the City of Cincinnati. The CDC Association has provided some operating support. In addition, WIN has received generous support from private donors.

These homes can be offered below cost to buyers of modest incomes because of the many generous volunteers who have donated well over 1000 hours demolishing garages and porches, doing yard work, repairing fences and retaining walls, painting and many other jobs. These volunteers have come from groups such as the LaSalle High School Foorball Team, Xavier University students, the Quad Parish Group in Wisconsin, the Catholic Heart Work Camp, and Crossroads Community Church as well as from the Fifth/Third Bank, Proctor and Gamble and General Electric.

Among the recent buyers of WIN homes in College Hill are a married couple with three young children, a single mother with school-age twins, a couple from the neighborhood who needed to bring their mother to live with them, and a family with a teenage son who have already made more improvements to their new home.

South Cumminsville Celebrates Wayne Field Renovation

On August 6th, South Cumminsville residents celebrated the renovation of the Wayne Playfield on Beekman Street.  The renovations include two rehabbed baseball fields, including bleachers, a scoreboard, and a homerun fence, an extended football field, and painted playground equipment.

These renovations were made possible through the volunteer efforts of 400 Procter & Gamble employees and the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund.  The South Cumminsville Community Council worked with the Cincinnati Recreation Department to make the park improvements as part of the council’s plan to revitalize the Beekman Street corridor.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Reds Community Fund and Procter and Gamble to South Cumminsville,” said South Cumminsville Community Council President Marilyn Evans.  “This project will help us achieve one of the objectives in our community plan—to improve our existing green space and to make our park more user friendly.”

The South Cumminsville Community Council is working to accomplish a 5-year community plan to improve living conditions in the neighborhood and to attract businesses to the area.  In 2013, the South Cumminsville conducted a walkability study for the Beekman Street corridor.  The South Cumminsville Action Team has worked with the City to implement street-calming measures to improve the area for pedestrians.  Other aspects of the plan include attracting job-training opportunities and businesses to the area, creating home ownership opportunities, and creating buffer zones between heavy industry and residential areas.

“This project is right on time,” said Evans.  “We are getting a new bathroom facility in the park, an expanded football field, and now the Reds and P&G are helping us get a premier baseball field.  The additional landscaping along Beekman will make our park one of the best in the city, and it will go a long way to promote the community’s vision for the Beekman corridor.”

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WIN’s Newest Homeowner!

Untitled 0 02 39-03The little blue “Doll House” on Llewellyn Avenue has a new owner! Ken Oster purchased the WIN-renovated home in February and is excited to be a homeowner and a resident of South Cumminsville. The one-bedroom/one-bathroom home has an open floorplan that is perfect for Ken’s needs. The flexibility of the floor plan and the affordability of the purchase plan are a wonderful “fit,” meeting both Ken’s physical and financial needs. Ken has already become a familiar sight in the neighborhood, walking or riding his bike. Ha has also been working with the South Cumminsville gardeners, helping to beautify his neighborhood.

Reclaiming Our Community Together

Foreclosure signs by Occupy Cincinnati hang from doorsOn April 21, Working In Neighborhoods released our annual study of foreclosures in Hamilton County. While the foreclosures in our community decreased by 17.5%, there were still 2,418 Hamilton County families who lost their home to foreclosure in 2013. Foreclosure numbers are improving, but the crisis is far from over. In the past 7 years, a total of 22,190 Hamilton County families lost their homes.

If a natural disaster displaced 2,418 families in Hamilton County, our community would pull together, marshall our resources, and address the problem head-on. We must respond to this crisis with the same amount of energy and creativity. We must repair the damage cause by foreclosures if our community stands a chance of moving forward.

Foreclosures in our community have hurt all of us. We have seen the median value of all properties in Hamilton County fall from a high of $135,000 in 2006 to a low of $112,000 in 2013. Last year, properties sold at Sheriff’s Sale for average of $48,000. What’s more, many of our neighborhoods are left with multiple vacant homes that decrease property values and make our communities less desirable places to live.

In 2014, how do we round this corner and recover from the foreclosure crisis? We must raise home values in our community in order to save our residents’ investments and to encourage the growth of home ownership in Hamilton County. There is an ongoing effort to demolish vacant, foreclosed homes in our community, but this approach only leaves us with vacant lots that need to be maintained.

A better solution is to return vacant homes and vacant lots to productive uses. We must renovate the vacant homes and keep our residents and our investments in Hamilton County. As public money dwindles, it is even more important for our community to raise private dollars. We know that foundations alone cannot address this need, so we need to create partnerships with every corporation and investor in our community so that we can work to repair the damage and move forward. We must call on lending institutions to inevst in renovation and stabilization projects across Hamilton County. We must also call on them to work with distressed homeowners so that the number of new foreclosures continues to decrease.

We know that Greater Cincinnati is comprised of residents and businesses who are proud and passionate about about the future of our community. We have seen over and over the generous response of our community to crisis. Now is the time to rebuild our neighborhoods and move toward a more prosperous future for all of us.

On Your Mark, Get Set, WIN! The Flying Pig 2014

d-oYRe6T0eNP4h5uu8Ilb-B4h893VRiZBgroDB6Hy1cThis year WIN once again will be a partner in one of Cincinnati’s largest charitable fund raisers, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. The race also features both 10k & 5k races, a variety of kids’ runs and a fun run. Check out all the weekend events here.

As a Partner Charity, 100% of WIN’s Flying Pig race sponsorships and Piggest Raffle Ever raffle tickets proceeds will support our mission. Incidentally, a WIN-supporter was the grand prize winner of the 2013 Piggest Raffle Ever. The anonymous winner then generously donated the prize winnings to Working In Neighborhoods to further our work in the community.

FlyingPigFor more information about WIN at the 2014 Flying Pig Marathon, contact Patricia Plank at pplanck@wincincy.org or (513) 541-4109 x 132.

Email winfo@wincincy.org to receive WIN’s discount promotion code before registering for your Flying Pig event. The code will allow you to receive a discount on your registration and designate a portion of the entry fee to Working In Neighborhoods. All race registration and raffle ticket purchases must go through the Flying Pig website. The deadline to use WIN’s discount code is April 18th! Our race planning team is already working to make the 2014 WIN and the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon a fun and successful weekend.